Dear resident of Beira-Mar, Dear trader of Beira-Mar;

Dear enforcement officer, Dear municipal police, Dear tax-fiscal of Move Aveiro;

Dear fellow citizens:

It is with great sadness and concern that we are witnessing a growing indiscipline in car use in the Historical Area of Aveiro, in particular with regard to parking abuse.

We know there is difficulty in parking, since the streets, some very old, are too small for the car. We are working to improve parking in the vicinity, and we have identified the largest number of parking permits that this area and should preferably be for the residents.

Nothing justifies the park wrongfully harming the movement of pedestrians, residents and visitors. Apart from causing havoc on the sidewalks, buildings and equipment, the image of the neighborhood and the city is seriously injured. All the more so given the size and characteristics of the Beira Mar district, visitors can walk it easily on foot, taking pleasure in the visit, so healthy and without harming anyone.

We are concerned about this issue and would like to raise awareness in a friendly manner but jealous for what we can, sticking a "seal" where appropriate, to remind the motorist who, being badly parked affect all citizens who go on foot sometimes with great difficulty.

The "seal" can only be applied when:
  • the car is wholly or partly parked on sidewalks and areas pedonalizadas

  • the car is totally or partially parked in crosswalks or pedestrian nature trail walks between

  • the car is totally or partially parked in front of the door, preventing access;

  • the car than the resident identified, are parked in areas exclusively for residents;

  • where to prevent, abuse, normal pedestrian movement of citizens;

  • where abusive and illegal.

The sticker will be pasted on the glass of the driver's door, never in the front window so as not to impair the driver's visibility.

Paste this "seal" is an act of good citizenship, and therefore should never be done in an aggressive or provocative or against the consent of the user of the car, first as a friendly reminder.

Urbanity and Citizenship!
(The President of C.M. Aveiro)

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